Best Breakfast Nook Ideas

Having a calm and well-organized breakfast nook where you can comfortably and quietly enjoy your morning meals is the perfect way to begin your day. Home owners living in small houses can set-up a small dining room at one of the corners of a kitchen. Most interior designers create attractive breakfast nooks where they can enjoy or celebrate intimate meals with their families. Some of the best ideas to create a perfect breakfast nook include;

Create a Simple Nook

You should keep your breakfast nook more natural and simpler. Label the nook with neutral color tones and always ensure that it is spacious. This practice allows your delicious meals to bring a sense of decoration, color and fragrance into your kitchen.

Invest in Cherry Yellow

Cherry yellow is an attractive color which can always keep you smiling and vibrant every morning. This color is mostly advisable for nooks which are close to the window. Hanging cherry yellow curtains on the window of your breakfast nook helps to reflect maximum sunlight in the house. Also, you can make your seating luxurious by placing yellow pillows on your sofas to increase the warm and comfort in your nook.

Add Greenery Plants

Green or live plants help to improve the freshness and air-circulation in your nook. This helps to gain a positive mood mostly in the morning where you wake up bored. Also, green plants help to increase the attractiveness and beauty of your breakfast nook. Alternatively, you can add wool or wooden elements to make your breakfast nook more natural.